December 13, 2019 by Rasmus Bjerg

Congratulations Madam, it's a fine little Jew boy

Congratulations Madam, it's a fine little Jew boy

What I have feared all my life has come true, I have become a Jew, I was originally born as a Christian and I have not converted to Judaism, but despite those petty facts I’m officially a Jew in every other sense of the word.

As a child of the sixties the second great war, World War II was still a topic when I went to public school, World War II was a big part of our school curriculum as the government believed that educating the public about the atrocities of the war prevent the pretty imminent global thermonuclear Armageddon at that time. Many official slogans suggested “We must never forget”, that is if we remember then we will not repeat past mistakes, at least that’s the theory.

In my early school years I was acquainted with the Auschwitz Protocols a collection of three eyewitness accounts from 1943–1944 about the nazi concentration camps in Auschwitz and Birkenau, it gives a detailed and factual description of the mass torture and murder that took place. Being in my preteens, the protocols made a strong and lasting impression on my soul and became a integral part of my person, it still remains after all these years, I think about it if not daily anymore, then at least weekly.

I remember thinking to myself “Those Jews must be a stupid bunch of people” because the whole thing leading up to the atrocities didn’t just happen overnight, it took many years and the Jews had plenty of opportunities to leave Europe and especially Germany before being targeted. I raised my thought with some adults, and they told me that people mainly rely on hope, hope that the inevitable will not happen, I was in deep disbelief – why would anyone sit idle and just wait for the executioner to call their name when the borders are open? Run for your life, as fast as your silly legs can carry you.

Fast forward to the present day in the twenty-first century – I get it now, I get hope and why the Jews stayed put. All while you try to make yourself a life worth living, you know family, friends, job and earthly possessions, that creepy nazi thing repeats itself and sneaks up on you and then, Bam! The “We must never forget” is forgotten, the trap closes shut, and you are in the exact same situation as the Jews hoping that the inevitable will not happen to you and your family, I have become the stupid Jew I promised myself I would never become.

The word “nazi” does not refer to the present day handsome and stylish young men you might find walking in cadence around your friendly neighborhood, but is a German abbreviation of Nationalsozialist i.e. a national socialist. Denmark is a socialist country that has become  nationalistic, in fact the entire European Union is a national socialist contraption, sort of a reincarnation of the Soviet union – just smarter and more efficient. A personal visitor of mine from behind the Iron curtain noted after being shown all the prima facie perks of our society: “You guys have succeeded where the communists failed”. It is those nazis I’m referring to; your uncle, your neighbor, your friend, your general practitioner, your local parking attendant - the common household nazis, those are the real danger.

I used to believe in “We must never forget”, but that was not true, it’s just cheap propaganda and wishful thinking, these days I’m more inclined towards “History repeats itself” - and I don’t mean that in a kind of perpetual depressing urban view on life in general, I’m just embracing the facts which was long overdue, I still endeavor to stay happy and optimistic, I have not lost hope (get it?).

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

- Ecclesiastes 1:9

Here’s the optimistic news; if everything repeats itself, then soon we will be able to start all over from fresh, and I’m so looking forward to that with great anticipation, however there will have to be a slight unpleasant interlude where man will do to man what is better left unsaid. Close your eyes and clench your teeth, it will be over very quickly, I promise.

You know the old investing chestnut “Buy land — they’re not making any more!” it seems like common sense, but it is completely false. When we all get a fresh start, the previous proprietors will be no more and you will be able to buy land for a penny, or maybe if you have sided with the victors then perhaps someone will just donate you some land.

In essence; don’t buy land now – or any property, it’s too expensive.

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